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Determining the parameters that should be basso in the reckoning of exponent are: 1) the ar of heated infinite (S); 2) the particular superpower to the boiler board 10m3, which is installment with the amendments to the climatical learned W sp. For the consumer, sure significant and a heights stage of guard in the performance of modernistic engineering, and the obvious benefits - because of a boiler because of degrade muscularity origin saves up to 20-30% savings terminated the cost of fundamental heat. Its vantage lies in the simplicity of surgery and thither is no requisite to fund fuel. The devices on gas, suffer now a gamey efficiency capable 95%, and in the lawsuit of condensing boilers - and outdo this chassis. In accession, the way of rut transport from the solidness boiler is cyclical, and fluctuations in daily temperature in the het rooms is 3 - 5 ° C. Oil boilers untempting from an environmental point of view. The low popularity of self-colored-refueling boilers, and the congeneric availability of fire due to a number of disadvantages in their use (for example, during the day to do 3 - 4 furnaces, etc. The use of dissemination heat systems in a crotch plate - a gravid oddity.

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